Plant Services

Plants and Container Services

Whether you choose live indoor plants or the highest quality silk plants, we give you the option of purchasing them outright or leasing them. If you choose to buy, your guaranteed maintenance is a separate monthly cost, while if you lease, the cost of maintenance is included in your monthly expenditure.

Whether your d├ęcor calls for designer styles in ceramic, wood or fiberglass, or the cost-effective alternative of cast polypropylene or baskets, we have the containers to meet your needs.


Maintenance Services

All our clients have to do is enjoy their plants.

Nature Indoors provides complete care of the plants.

At each visit, our technician will:

  • Check the moisture level in soil and apply water as needed
  • Clean and dust each plant
  • Trim or remove any brown or yellowing leaves
  • Remove debris from pots
  • Prune as necessary for size and shape control
  • Apply fertilizer on a regularly scheduled basis to maintain vitality of the plants
  • Perform disease and insect control as needed (using safest methods available)