Design Services

Nature Indoors design services start with an initial consultation at your site where plants are desired.

Then, working with you, we suggest what will be most effective selection considering such factors as: available light, space, texture, balance and temperature.

We also look at your furnishings and other design elements so we can select appropriate containers, baskets or ceramics to give you the best overall look.

A design is then developed and a proposal will be delivered to you showing cost breakdowns and alternatives.

You can also choose from several leasing or purchase programs. The plant design can be maintained under our Guaranteed Plant Maintenance programs.

We are happy to work with designers and can do material takeoffs on designer’s plans or blueprints.

Services Include:

• Horticultural consulting
• Interior plant sales and leasing
• Ceramics and basket sales
• Patio container plant sales
• Guaranteed Plant care weekly, monthly, or a one time visit.
• Delivery, Installation, Plant staging
• Pest control
• Plant Transplanting
• Live Color Service