Containers are important when natural or faux floral is incorporated into a room’s design. Containers give plants a finished look and present opportunity to advance an old world look.

Our pre-made container arrangements are showcased in unique metal and ceramic containers that are ideal for Mediterranean, Tuscan and French Country decorating themes.

Whether you are going for an all-natural look or an arrangement with a punch of color, our pre-made container collection let’s you choose from a variety of arrangements for wall decor as well as table top.

Created for a sophisticated design look, each container arrangement is abundant in the textures and colors most desired for old world decorating and design.

Nature Indoors has a variety of containers available to suit your decor and enhance your plant choices. We carry the latest in self-watering containers as well as ceramic, metallic, fiberglass, and replica styles.

We feel that the container is a very important “finish” to the foliage you choose, and it adds color and style to your atmosphere. Therefore, our container selection is vast, encompassing the complete line of Gainey Ceramics, Interex Metallics, Earthforms, and Natural Springs Reservoirs. We have cylinders, squares, and everything in between, in sizes ranging from 4 inches to 4 feet. Containers can be freestanding on the floor, or they can be wall-mounted, hanging, in metal stands or desktop designs.