One of the showiest houseplants, the orchid is remarkably easy to grow — despite its reputation. It also offers some of the best variety; look for miniatures that grow only a few inches tall to big hybrids that produce 3-foot-tall spikes of flowers. The blooms appear in a rainbow of colors — from pinks to reds, yellows and oranges, lavender, green, and white. Most bloom only once a year, but the flowers can last six months or more.

Grow orchids in a spot where it gets medium to bright light (such as on the windowsill of a north- or east-facing window). Water and fertilize them weekly in spring and summer when they’re growing; hold off the plant food and water less in fall and winter when the plants usually rest. Like many houseplants, the orchid does best in high humidity.

Pot this plant in orchid bark or sphagnum moss; if you grow it in potting mix, the roots will likely rot and die.

Plant Type: Indoor Plant
Plant Height: To 1 foot tall
Plant Width: To 1 foot wide
Flower Color: White, Pink/Rose, Blue/Violet/Lavender, Red, Yellow/Gold, Orange, Green, Bicolor
Bloom Time: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Special Features: Flowers,Cut Flowers,Easy to Grow