Office plants boost staff morale and increase productivity

International research has revealed office plants can help a business through hard times by boosting staff morale and improving business performance.

Research from the US, the Netherlands and the UK has found that the presence of office plants can have a positive effect on the work environment, helping to reduce stress and sickness absence, increase productivity and improve well being and air quality.

Research from University of Technology in Sydney also confirmed the role of plants in improving indoor air quality, cooling and noise reduction effects and their contribution to increasing employee productivity.

It’s in the interests of business owners to take all the actions they can to help improve the morale, well-being, health and happiness of their workforce. While this involves more than just putting a vase of flowers in the kitchen, it appears that indoor plants and flowers certainly seem to add to the mix of good things to help improve well-being.

As an employer, by improving morale and health in your workforce, you may actually be able to reduce your employees’ levels of absenteeism and their risk of accidents and injuries. This in turn may help reduce your workers compensation claims and premiums in the process.